PAC Newsletter, February 21, 2011

2011 Feb 21 PAC Newsletter in PDF format

Important Dates

  • February 25th – Primary Report Card Writing Day, no school K to 3
  • February 25th – Grade 7 Basketball Tournament
  • March 4 – Pro-D day
  • March 9th – Next PAC meeting
  • March 11th – Family Dance
  • March 21 to 25 – Spring Break

Winter Raffle

We would like to thank everyone for the great support for our winter raffle. There are still a few books outstanding. Please return as soon as possible or contact Lesley at if you have any questions. We are all looking forward to the big draw on February 28th!

Campbell’s Soup Labels

We are collecting Campbell’s soup labels. The current promotion involves any Campbell’s Chunky products. Please make sure to include the UPC label, as we are only credited when it is still there. There is a bin for the labels in the lobby by the office.

Support the PAC with Pizza

Domino Pizza’s has an ongoing fundraising program. Code 307512 can be used to get 1 medium 3 topping pizza and any bread side for $13.99 (+HST & delivery fee), and Domino’s Pizza will donate $2.50 to our fundraising account. Code 327612 can be used to get 2 medium 3 topping pizzas and any bread side for $23.99 (+HST & delivery fee), and Domino’s Pizza will donate $5.00 to our account.

Support the PAC with Purdy’s

Also look for the Purdy’s Easter catalogue the 2nd week of March for lots of Easter goodies!

Traffic Safety

We would like to express our appreciation for the effort that has been made to follow the traffic recommendations for our school.  The following traffic recommendations remain in effect:

Do not enter the bus loop area during school hours for any reason. The bus loop is for buses and persons in need of the designated handicap parking stalls only.

Do not use the visitor parking area to drop-off or pick up students. The lack of adequate sidewalks and the ability to exit makes this a congested area, and has been identified as posing the greatest risk to students.  This parking lot is for parking only.

Do enter the visitor’s parking lot only if you are confident that you will be able to park in a designated parking stall.

Do use the roadside drop-off zone adjacent to the teacher parking area along Heather Park Road. Drivers should stay in their vehicles to ensure the prompt clearing of the drop-off zone.  The parking limit is 5 minutes.

Do use the parking lot at the Elk Center Arena whenever possible, especially if you are expecting an extended stay at the school.

Do back your vehicle into parking stalls whenever possible. This will reduce your vehicles’ blind spots and improve your sight lines when you leave the parking area.

Do you have any safety questions? Please email any concerns to!