Around the Schools – March 15, 2011

Heroes can be found in many shapes and sizes at École Heather Park Elementary. In keeping with this theme, Mr. Frost’s Grade 5 students hosted a mock federal election. Students created and put up campaign posters in the hallways for each Riding, Party leaders and also had advertisements on the televisions. As our candidates were all different superheroes, all students were given a ballot to vote for the different candidates in their riding. Voter turnout was over 80% and in the end the Marvel Party won over both the DC Party and the Disney Party. Marvel Party Leader, Spiderman was elected Prime Minister.

Basketball season has wrapped up. Thank you to our parent (Jane Major, Jillayne Douglas and Rob Normand) and teacher (Donna McLachlan and Mandy MacLeod) volunteer coaches. Friday was a very busy day with both Boys and Girls teams participating at a Basketball play date at the Civic Centre and a mixed team of students playing at Nukko Lake. It was a great season and everyone had a great time!

In other exciting news, Term 2 report cards will be distributed just prior to Spring Break. Everyone worked really hard and is looking forward to the holiday. Good luck in Term 3.


Nadine Trifunovich Allen & Dan Watt

Counsellor-Resource Teacher Vice-principal

Heather Park Elementary School

SD#57, Prince George

“Learning is the only thing the mind can never exhaust…never fear…and never dream of regretting.” ~T. H. White