Playground Update

At the school board meeting on Tuesday, March 29th, the Education Services Committee updated the board on the Heather Park playground situation, and moving a playground from either Springwood or Austin Road to Heather Park.

While the final decision has not been made on which playground should be moved, the intent is to move one or the other.

Both Trustees Trish Bella and Lois Boone asked for clarification of a few issues for our PAC.

It was stated that the ground still needs to thaw, and there’s still a bit of snow that needs to go, so there is some time before they need to make their final decisions. When asked if it would be “this spring”, the answer was that they don’t have a timeline on that.

There will be a playground committee meeting at Heather Park on Friday, April 1st, at 6:30pm in the Library. All interested people are welcome.