Response from Brian Pepper regarding Safety Concerns

Email received March 19, 2011, in response to concerns raised in January 2011 general PAC meeting.

Hello Ms. Connon:

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write me regarding your PAC concerns.  You will recall that I believed Mr. McLay,  Mr. Maletta, and the maintenance team have been following up with issues on a regular basis.   I promised I would look further into the issues and respond in writing.  Hope the following notes are a  help to you and your committee.

Issues and Action Plan/Action to Date

1. General Exterior Lot/Traffic Design Issues:  L+M Engineering staff have been working with the General Manager of Property Maintenance to review safety concerns.  L+M were the original designers of the school lot.  The engineers have made several visits to the school and will continue their analysis over the coming months.

Some of the specifics include:  a. discussion/analysis related to the installation of a gate to limit access to the bus loop by non-emergency vehicle traffic during school hours.

b. visitor parking lot safety concerns.   I note that the engineer has expressed some concerns related to the blockage of the original exit with concrete barriers.

A report will be coming forward later this spring.

2. Fencing to reduce pedestrian traffic/access across the bus lane:  Installation to proceed in late spring.

3. Need for a “slow down gate” to control student passage from the play area across the bus lane to the school’s main entrance: Installation to proceed in late spring.

4. Falling snow from the eaves around the school:  Monitoring procedures in place.  Regular contact between school admin and maintenance managers regarding snow/ice concerns.  Roofer on site in response to regular or urgent maintenance work order tickets.  Administration will restrict access when dangerous conditions.

5. Dangerous plant life concerns related to the gully between upper play area and playing field (broken willows):  Grounds to remove dangerous willow fragments when appropriate to do so in the spring (once snow has gone)

6. Request to improve drainage behind field:  Original thought was a remedy was an easy fix.  Further assessment by the Maintenance Manager reveals a more complex and costly solution would be required.  Further assessment and consideration will be needed.  No date determined.

7. Safe walkway from back doors to playing field and playground:   Under review.  The “fixes” may present additional safety concerns ie stairway may be a hazard in times of heavy use and times of snow/ice buildup.

8. Sidewalk on west side of Public lot: Under consideration – property ownership = City of Prince George.  No funding.  Approval required from City of PG.

9. Sidewalk on north side of the bus lane: Part of engineering review (see #1) above

10. Crosswalk location change:  City of PG approval required.  Under discussion.

11. School Administrator-Maintenance Manager Communication: weekly discussion/problem solving re areas of concern.

In conclusion, the School Principal will continue to be your primary contact re safety concerns.   Please direct communication in this regard through Mr. Fleck’s office.

Thank you as well for your continued partnership with school staff on issues of safety and achievement – it will result in learning that enriches the life of each child!