School Plan for Student Success – Dates for Public Information Sessions

Every school is required by the Ministry of Education to develop and publish a School Plan for Student Success, which is a statement of goals, objectives, and strategies for improving student achievement in the school.

The school planning council, with the collaborative leadership of the principal:

  • Develops, monitors, and reviews school plans
  • Maintains processes to receive input from, and report to:
    • the parent advisory council, and
    • the school community
  • Provides advice to the school board about:
    • the allocation of staff and resources in the school,
    • matters contained in the district achievement contract relating to the school, and
    • education services and programs in the school

At the moment, the school planning council is planning 4 meetings to which the school community is invited. These meetings would all be at 4pm, at the school.

  • April 5th – school staffing and organization planning for the upcoming school year. Steve Fleck plans to provide various scenarios in Excel format for people to view – so as to make the resource management as transparent as possible.
  • April 26th – Educational planning and priorities for the upcoming school year.
  • May 17th – followup meeting, educational planning and priorities for the upcoming school year.
  • June 7th – Presentation of School Plan for Student Success 2011/12