Around the Schools, Week of May 16th

Students and staff at École Heather Park Elementary School had a jam-packed week!  We are proud to announce that through the ‘Pie or Be Pied’ challenge and the “Buy a Seed Pack” campaign about $951.00 was raised.  In addition, several current and former Heather Park staff as well as many others supported Shelby’s “Daddy’s Little Angel” team at the Relay for Life event with outstanding results.  An additional $7570.00 will be donated for Cancer Research. Shelby’s teams’ efforts were recognized with a Silver standing and they also won the Team Spirit award.

Don’t be surprised to see several nets hanging in the hallways and some classrooms.  A couple of week ago, a case-lot of itsy-bitsy caterpillars arrived at our school.  Primary classes are now engaged in observing, discussing, writing and learning about butterflies’ life cycles.  Students hope to release many beautiful Painted Ladies in a few weeks time.

May 18 was a culturally rich day and imaginations were encouraged to run wild. Several primary classes attended the Prince George Playhouse to watch the Vanderhoof Children’s Theatre (VCT) stage presentation of Disney’s Aladdin.  Since its inception in 1999, the VCT has strived to provide students within SD57 with the opportunity to experience live theatre.  This year, marks its 22nd (Aladdin) and 23rd (Into the Woods) productions. At school the remaining students enjoyed Metaphor Theatre: a crew of hip hop artists who inspires youth through their interactive performances that focus on self-reflection, critical thinking and community engagement.

Once the snow finally melted, many students were out at recess and lunch with their skipping ropes to prepare for May 19’s ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ organized by Mme. Dougherty. Mrs. Bracey and her volunteers also helped collate and deliver pledge envelopes, etc.

On Friday, May 20th Kindergarten classes will be enjoying the adventures of a field trip to Bubba Baloo’s.  In the afternoon, the Prince George Conservatory of Music will be performing in our gym. The concert will consist of a string orchestra, soloists, an introduction to the instruments and some audience participation in rhythmic accompaniments.  This special presentation was organized by Mrs. Blake, our band teacher.

Next week, on May 25th and 26th, we will be having English and French Welcome to Kindergarten events (WTK).  The front foyer, multipurpose room, and House A will be brimming with eager young faces and their families from 3-4:30.