School Organization and Budget Numbers

At our PAC meeting last night, our school administration presented the DRAFT numbers for school organization and budgets. It must be stressed that these numbers are the “draftiest of draft drafts” – these are very dependent on how many students actually show up in the first week of school, which is often quite different from the number registered.

school organization and budget handouts as scanned PDF

The school organization pages are probably of most interest to parents, and show the total number of students registered next year, broken down by English or French Immersion and by grade, and then show projected class breakdowns.

The English class breakdowns show 19 classes, with two kindergarten classes of 20 each, 1 K/1 of 22 students, and then grade 1 to 3 with 23 or 24 students per class. Grades 4 to 7 have been allocated with 27 students per class.

The French immersion class breakdowns show 3 different options, of either 5 classes or 6 classes. We had an interesting discussion about the financial impacts of having a small number of students in a class, and what that means financially for support services for the students. Given the smaller numbers of grades 4 to 7 students, we may end up with a 3 grade split for 5/6/7, and there was a discussion on how that might work.