Volunteer Requests

Hello Heather Park Volunteers!

Spring has arrived and there is lots going on at Heather Park.  We need your help to make our spring events a success.

In this message:
1.  Jump Rope for Heart, Thursday May 19
2.  Welcome to Kindergarten Info sessions, May 25 and 26
3.  Sports Day, Friday June 17
4.  PAC Executive Elections, Wednesday June 8
5.  Subway Lunch Day for Intermediates, Friday May 13
6.  Grade 4-7 Pool Party, Friday May 13
7.  Grade 7 End of year event at the Hart Community Centre – date tbd

1. Jump Rope for Heart Thursday May 19

Heather Park students will be participating in the Heart and Stroke Foundation Jump Rope for Heart on Thursday, May 19 in the afternoon.  As part of the event students participate in fun skipping and jumping challenges. Leading up to event day, kids are encouraged to raise funds (pledges) and in return earn thank you prizes for their individual fundraising efforts.  Parent volunteers are needed to help supervise that afternoon.  If the weather is good, the kids will be skipping outside as well as in and the more people the better, especially for the younger ones.  Help is also needed before the big day, with printing out skipping rhymes on big paper to tape onto the walls on the 19th.  Parents may also be needed to help count donations as part of the event.  This is a great way to help students be active and to raise some money for a great cause.  Please send me an email if you’re able to help with any of the above at yparkinson@shaw.ca

2. Kindergarten Info sessions May 25 and 26

A “Welcome to Kindergarten” information event is planned for next year’s kindergarten students and their parents on Wednesday May 25 and Thursday May 26.  A couple of volunteers are needed to cut up watermelon and serve coffee and snacks from 3:00 to 4:30 on these days.   If you can help out with this welcome event for our newest students and their families, please contact Donna McLachlan at the school or send me an email and I’ll pass your name along.

3. Sports Day, Friday June 17

Mark your calendars – Sports Day is scheduled for Friday June 17!  Once plans develop, we will likely be looking for volunteers to help out with the day.  We are also trying to arrange for Community Policing to be at the school for part of the day to hand out and receive Criminal Record check forms for our volunteers.  This would be a really convenient opportunity for parents and volunteers to fill out their Criminal Record check forms and submit them to the RCMP without having to take them to the RCMP station.  Stay tuned for more details!

4. PAC Executive Elections June 8

Parents contribute to the life and energy in schools in many ways including their involvement in the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). Every parent (or guardian) can belong to and participate in the PAC.  Parents in the school elect a PAC executive to represent them and at our school, we will elect a new executive on June 8th for the 2011/12 year.   If you are interested in being a part of the PAC Executive, please come out and run for a position – if you don’t want to run for an Executive position, please come out to the PAC meeting and vote for your new Executive.

5. Subway Lunch Day for Intermediates on May 13

Helpers are needed to distribute the food to classrooms for the Subway lunch day on May 13 please send me an email at yparkinson@shaw.ca if you can help.

6. Grade 4-7 Pool Party – Friday May 13

The Grade 4-7 Pool party is scheduled for Friday May 13 at the Aquatic Centre.  If you’re able to help at the pool to supervise this event please contact Bev Schreiner at 250-962-1811 or bschreiner@sd57.bc.ca

7. Grade 7 end of year event at the Hart Community Centre – date tbd

The school is organizing the Grade 7 year-end celebration at the Hart Community Center.  It will be a potluck Hawaii theme evening.  The date of the event has yet to be announced but they will be looking for some volunteers to set-up, decorate and take down.  If you’re able to help, please send me an email and I will pass your name along.

Thanks again for everything you do for our school.  Its going to be a great spring at Heather Park!