Agenda for Thursday, June 9 Meeting

i) Call to Order followed by Introductions/Welcome (3 min)
ii) Approval of Minutes from last meeting (2 min)
iii) Present the agenda (2 min)
iv) Administrative Matters (5 min)
• Issues or ideas that can’t be addressed when identified will be “parked” and addressed as soon as possible
• Executive met on May 11th immediately after the last meeting to action all items; met again on June 1st to set the agenda for this meeting.
• Minutes were posted on the PAC website and the draft agenda for this meeting was posted on the website on Tuesday June 7th.
v) Status of finances and banking matters– Leeann (5 min)
vi) Funding requests – (5 min)
vii) Elections
• Recommend 6 Positions – discussion
• Election Process
• Nominations/Second/Accept?/Vote
viii) Information Dissemination (5 minutes)
• Upcoming events – Sports Day, Welcome Back BBQ
• Playground update
• Status of the Gaming Funds

ix) Principal’s Forum – Q&A (5 min)
x) Teacher liaison (3 min)
xi) SPC status report
xii) Safety Committee (3 min)
xiii) Address “parked” issues as time permits
xiv) Watch the website for the first meeting in the new school year
xv) Meeting Adjournment