PAC Newsletter

2011 June 13 PAC Newsletter
Important Dates
•  June 14th – City Neighborhood meeting
•  June 17 th  – Sports day
•  June 22 nd  – Staff Appreciation
•  June 29 th  – Last day of school
•  August 27 th  – Welcome back BBQ
•  September 7 th  – Back to School

PAC Election Results
The following people were elected to the new PAC executive on June 9 th , to take office at the end of the school year:
•  Chair – Lesley Lindsay
•  Vice Chair – Sarah Holland
•  Treasurer – Leeann Poppleton
•  Secretary – Yvonne Parkinson
•  Volunteer Coordinator – Tracey Sullivan
•  Communications Coordinator – Brad McClain
Thank you to all who attended, all who put their names forward, and all who have contributed in so many other ways.

Class and Teacher Assignments
At the last PAC meeting, Principal Steve Fleck presented a preliminary layout of classes and teacher assignments for the next school year. If you wish to provide input to the school about your child’s needs you may do so through the school website. It is very important to note that changes are very likely to occur, depending on registration throughout the summer and during the first week of school. Please encourage parents of people who may be transferring in or out of Heather Park to let the school district know as soon as possible.

Sports Day
Sports Day will be starting about 9am on June 17 th . A lunch is being provided for all students, courtesy of the PAC. Of special interest to parents, we will be providing parent volunteer appreciation timbits and coffee in the school foyer (courtesy of Tim Hortons). At that time, the RCMP Community Policing  representative will be at the school and will process Criminal Record Checks forms for any parents or guardians who are interested in volunteering at the school (or other organization) next year.

Summer School District Capital Work
The school district has put forward a list of some of the work to be done during the summer in the school district. For Heather Park, the list includes pedestrian sidewalks and entrance exit improvements to the parking lot, additional sinks in classrooms, and playground installation. We have been informed that the playground in question will be the newer one from Springwood school.
Vice Principal Changes
We congratulate Dan Watt on his new position as Principal of both Buckhorn Elementary and Hixon Elementary.
Welcome Back BBQ
There is a “welcome back to school” BBQ tentatively scheduled for August 27 th , from 12 to 2pm.

Staff Appreciation Nibblies June 22 nd
If you’re interested in dropping off any food items for a staff appreciation lunch, please drop them off at the concession on the morning of June 22 nd . If you wish your dishes back, make sure to label them!