Minutes of September PAC General Meeting

Here are the unapproved minutes of the PAC general meeting held on September 21, 2011.  A downloadable PDF version is available here.

Wednesday September 21, 2011
Computer Room
Attendance: 21 parents

  1. Call to order: 7:00 pm
  2. Minutes
    • June 9, 2011 minutes reviewed by Lesley
    • Motion: Sarah motions to approve minutes, seconded by Brad. Carried
  3. Admin Matters
    • Lesley reviews the standard admin procedures for PAC meetings including posting of minutes on the website, Roberts Rules of Order, format of motions, parking lot etc.
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    • Leeann reviews financial status as of September 21, 2011
    • No issues
  5. Proposed Budget
    • Reviewed a proposed budget for the year. By approving an itemized budget for the year, the PAC is approved to spend money on these items without having to bring each request to the PAC for approval on an individual basis.
    • Motion: Cindy motioned to approve the proposed budget, seconded by Lisa – Carried
  6. Election
    • Interest has been expressed in making the Volunteer Coordinator position, a two person position, and having two Volunteer Co-Coordinator positions on the Executive.
    • Motion: Tracey S. motioned to elect a Volunteer Co-Coordinator position to the Executive. Seconded by Tami. – Carried
    • Nominations for a second Volunteer Coordinator
    • Cindy nominates Lisa Neukomn, seconded by Tami
    • 3 calls for more nominations
    • Lisa Neukomn is Volunteer Coordinator by acclamation
  7. Principals Report
    • The classes have now been finalized, and in accordance with Bill 33 legislation, each Principal is required to present the PAC with a copy of the schools budget and class make up. This is a confidential document so its not being distributed widely at this meeting, but PAC executive will be asked to review it and sign off on it.
    • Highlights of this year’s enrollment and class make up include:
      • Enrollment has dropped by 90 students from last year, as expected, due to the large exodus of Grade 7’s associated with the Middle School
      • This year’s Kindergarten enrolment is 90 students, 30 of which are French Immersion
        Enrollment as of September 21 is 598 students
      • September 30 is the date used for the budget allocation. Enrollment numbers on September 30 are used to calculate each schools budget
      • Enrollment is generally quite evenly distributed across the grades. There are at least 2 spots available in each grade for new students
      • The school newsletter is going paperless on October 1. Parents should go to the website and sign up for electronic newsletters
      • School is looking for a Grade 6/7 Volleyball coach, and a Grade6/7 Cheer-leading coach
      • Construction of upgrades to the school is largely completed, including sidewalks, gates, sinks etc.
      • Still outstanding is a flight of stairs in the back of the school leading up to the playground, This should be completed in the first week of October.
      • Brief discussion on the teacher’s job action and how this is being addressed in the school.
  8. Teachers Forum
    • No teachers present at the meeting
    • Lesley has spoken with Val Wright, the school’s BCTF rep and has invited the teachers to attend the PAC meetings
  9. PAC 2011/2012 Direction
    • Open forum discussion on ideas for where the PAC would like to go this year.
    • A list of what PAC should be doing more of, and building on this year was developed and is available here.
  10. Fund-raising Options
    • Reviewed ongoing fund-raising programs
    • Will work on developing a fund-raising plan for the year, and contacting parents who have expressed an interest
    • Motion: Leeann motioned to spend up to $300 on fridge magnets, with PAC contact info and fund-raising initiatives. Seconded by Sarah Carried
  11. Upcoming Events
    • October 3 – Picture Day
    • October 14- Intermediate Pizza Day
    • October 20- Volleyball Day at the school – PAC may provide a concession
    • October 28 – Primary Pizza Day
    • October 31 – Halloween Jack-o-lantern day
    • November 4- Movie Night
  12. Safety Committee
    • Tami provided an update available here
  13. DPAC Report
    • District Parent Advisory Council meetings are held on the 1st or 2nd Monday of the Month. All are welcome.
  14. Parked Items
    • None
  15. Adjournment
    • Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm

Next Meeting October 19 at 6:45 pm in the Computer Room