School Health Nurse at Heather Park

Preventative Public Health Nursing services are offered to all school district 57 schools.  The focus of these services is disease prevention and health promotion for school-aged youth and their families. The following is an overview of some of these services:

  • Immunizations: Kindergarten Circuit in January 2012 @ the Health Unit, Grade Six, and grade Nines (done at schools);
  • At Ecole Heather Park Elementary the school nurse is available from 0830-1015 on Wednesdays for one-on-one counseling or consultation with students/parents/staff about a variety of health-related topics.  Ask at the office.
  • Presentations to students, staff and parent/community organizations about health topics as requested.  Talk to your school nurse, about scheduling.
  • Consultations, health information and referrals are also available to students, staff and parents via the School and Youth Team on-call information phone line.  Messages are checked daily and returned by 4pm.
  • School and Youth On-Call Information Line:
    Phone: 250-565-7477

Your school nurse is:


How can you contact her?:
Phone: 250-565-7431