Classroom Mailbox Trial Project

To  Parents/Guardians of students in Mme Dougherty, Mme Dunn and Mrs. Attree’s classes.

Your Ecole Heather Park Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC) has been working very hard on ideas on
how to better help our school.  After discussion with the school administration, we are trying out a new
idea for collecting forms and money from students.  Your child’s class has had a lockable mailbox installed
and secured outside the classroom door.  Our plan is to use these lockable mailboxes when students bring
funds for PAC fundraising or permission slips for school-wide events.  We want students to get in the habit
of dropping these items in the mailbox on the way into the classroom each morning.  Parent volunteers will
collect the items without disrupting the classroom.  The mailboxes have been secured to the wall and are

To make this program effective we need help from all students and families.  Forms must be filled out
correctly and money should be put into a labeled zip-lock bag or envelope.  This will help us know who it
belongs to without having to go back into the class.  We will have reusable zip-lock bags available in these
classrooms if students forget to bring them.

This will be a learning process for students and families but also for school administration and PAC
volunteers as well.

If you have any questions about this new project, please feel free to email