Reports from PAC General Meeting – October 19, 2011

Here are the reports from last night’s meeting.

They are also available for download in pdf format Safety Update Oct 2011 and DPAC Report Oct 2011

Safety Committee Update – Tami Rowe
Oct 2011

  • We have had our first meeting of the school year with Steve.
  • There has been one fire drill and all went well. The plan is to have two more this year, one in the winter and one in the spring.
  • Tami has received the electronic copy of the traffic newsletter and will update it for another distribution before the snow arrives.
  • Our new member Carla was able to share some experience in preparing for intruder danger and school lock down procedures and will work with Steve about possible improvements to our school security.
  • In preparation for the snow that is coming Steve will follow up some emails to the city about street snow removal.
  • We are hopeful that the stairs to the back of school will be installed soon.
  • The gate has been installed at the front of the bus loop and once we have proper signage we will be able to put it in full use.
  • Due to a lack of funds the damage in the back field up next to the basketball court will be maintained by filling in any new erosion with crush, but the SD is not able to improve the drainage problem at this time.
  • There will be some changes to the morning supervision. The children that arrive with the first buses will stay at the front of the school until supervision is available for the back of the school.

DPAC report to École Heather Park PAC – Sarah Holland, Vice Chair, DPAC rep

The District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) meets the first Monday of each month at Van Bien at 7pm, and
all parents are welcome. In addition to representation from various schools, we also have reports from the
superintendent, a trustee, the PGDTA (Prince George District Teachers Association), PGPVA (principals and
vice principals), CUPE, sometimes the District Student Advisory Council. Visit for more

There are two areas to report on from DPAC, the district level and the provincial level.

District level

  • Discussion of activities at various schools – modular installations, fragrance bullying, name study from Aboriginal school.
  • Report from superintendent on average class sizes, learning team grants. Full report available online.
  • Strike is affecting both district administration and teachers, will probably see more reaction from people once report cards are not distributed.
  • The PGDTA noted that if there are any parents who are having difficulty contacting their children’s teacher or teachers to discuss how their child is doing, to please contact the PGDTA. Teachers are being encouraged to communicate with parents, during the job action.
  • There are 18 candidates for 7 trustee positions. DPAC is co-sponsoring an all candidates forum evening of November 9th at PG Playhouse.
  • Coalition for Rural Educational Sustainability (CORES) has invited candidates to their Facebook page, and some fascinating discussions are going on there –
  • One candidate is current chair of DPAC. Don Sabo is stepping down as chair during the election, and the DPAC exec will be meeting this week to decide on an interim chair.

Provincial level

There is a lot of activity at the provincial level that you may be hearing about in the news:

  • CUPE is still negotiating their contract.
  • BCTF is in negotiations with BCSPEA (BC Public School Employers’ Association), currently in first phase of job action. This about the collective agreement, which covers salaries, benefits, leaves, retirement bonuses, and class preparation time. The BCSPEA has stated that they are not looking at lockouts, in case you heard that in the media.
  • BCTF in consultation process with Ministry of Education, as a result of court case over bills 27 and 28. These relate to class size and composition being stripped from teacher bargaining process without consultation.
  • Legislation is expected very soon related to the (BCCT) BC College of Teachers. The BCCT is the
    professional body for educators. It is a regulatory board, mandated by law, and is responsible for the setting and promoting of standards for the education, professional responsibility, and competence of all licensed educators in the province of BC. Various involved parties, such as BCCPAC (British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils) and the registrar of the BCCT, are concerned that the proposed legislation does not go far enough to ensure the independence of the regulatory body, identified by Don Avison’s Fact Finder report as the significant factor to the current dysfunction of the BCCT. BCCPAC is particularly interested in the complaint and discipline process, continuing education requirements, and the public registry.