Minutes of January General PAC Meeting

Here are the minutes of the general PAC meeting held on January 18. They are available for download in pdf format here.

Wednesday January 18, 2012
Computer Room
Attendance: 12 parents

  1. Call to order: 7:00 pm
  2. Minutes
    • November 16, 2011 minutes reviewed by Sarah
    • Motion: Andrew moved to approve minutes, seconded by Jane. Carried
  3. Admin Matters
    • Sarah reviewed the standard admin procedures for PAC meetings including posting of minutes on the website, Roberts Rules of Order, format of motions, parking lot, additions to agenda etc.
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    • Leeann reviewed financial status as of December 31, 2011. No issues
    • Reviewed a number of Spending requests:
    • Motion: Yvonne moved that the PAC spend up to $600 on mats for Mme White’s Kindergarten class. Seconded by Brad. Carried.
    • Motion: Sarah moved that the PAC spend $300 to buy supplies to sell at the concession for the upcoming Basketball Tournament . Seconded by Leeann. Carried
  5. PAC as a Society
    • Information was reviewed and distributed (attached) on the impacts of the PAC becoming a registered society. Registering as a society will involve a registration and annual fee, as well as more formal reporting, however it will reduce personal liability for the executive.
    • Motion: Sarah moved that the PAC incorporate as a society and pay up to $150 in registration fees. Brad seconded, Carried.
  6. Playground Enhancement
    • There are 3 main focus areas of improvement for the playground:
      • adding goal posts to the field,
      • converting one of the basketball courts to a playground area (moving existing playground from Austin Road,
      • purchasing new playground equipment to be installed near the picnic tables in busloop playground area.
    • School Administration is taking the lead on looking at the feasibility of moving the Austin Road playground to the basketball courts.
    • The PAC is taking the lead on looking at options for the goal posts and busloop playground enhancements. Two initial options were presented at the meeting for initial discussion. A very basic structure could be installed for $15,000 or a more elaborate one for $25,000. Diagrams of both options are posted on the PAC website. More discussion needs to take place before any option is decided on. The PAC currently has $5000 set aside for playground enhancement, but has additional, unallocated dollars which could be put towards playground equipment if the PAC chose to do so. There was some discussion over whether a fundraiser would be supported by the parents, and if so, what it would be. It was decided that a raffle, similar to the one held last year would be a good way to raise money, and could net up to $8000. Students would be given the option to opt out of the raffle ticket selling, and a note would also go home to parents with the opportunity to make tax deductable donations. This would all happen in February.
    • Motion: Sarah moved that the PAC hold a raffle to raise funds for the Playground Enhancement and spend up to $4000 in Prizes and expenses. Seconded by Cindy. Carried
  7. School Planning Council
    • A minimum of 3 Parent reps are needed for the School Planning Council including one parent from the PAC Executive. Sarah volunteered to be the Executive Rep. No other parents volunteered. Volunteers will be solicited again at the February meeting. Any interested parents should contact Steve or any PAC member to discuss.
    • Motion: Yvonne moved that Sarah be the PAC Exec Rep on the School Planning Council. Seconded by Karen. Carried.
  8. DPAC Update
    • Sarah provided a verbal and written update.
  9. Safety Committee
    • Tami provided a verbal and written update.
    • Discussion on providing an appreciation gift to our crossing gaurds on behalf of the PAC.
    • Concerns were raised with cars idling in the parking lot and exhaust blowing out onto kids waiting at the bus stop.
    • Suggestion that we find a workable option for Canada Post so that we can use the gate on the bus loop.
  10. Principals Report
    • The school’s financial hardship policy for field trips has been posted on the web site. No student should have miss out on classroom-based field trips and special activities due to financial concern. The school will work with parents on options for financial support which include a full or partial waiver of fees or deferred payment.
      • French Immersion Parent Info night is January 24.
      • Hockey Academy Information Night is on February 2.
      • School Transfer process will begin February 6.
      • Heather Park will host a Basketball tournament February 10.
      • Carnival is planned for February 24.
      • The choir will be performing at the District wide spring event in March.
  11. Teachers Forum
    • No teachers present at the meeting.
  12. Adjournment
    • Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm

Next Meeting February 15 at 6:45 pm in the Computer Room