Minutes of February General PAC Meeting

Here are the minutes of the general PAC meeting held on January 18. They are available for download in pdf format here.

Wednesday February 15, 2012
Computer Room
Attendance 10 Parents, 1 guest

  1. Call to order: 7:00 pm
  2. Minutes
    • Minutes of January 18, 2012 were reviewed. It was requested that future minutes state how many parents and how many guests attended the meeting
    • Motion: Brad moved to approve the minutes. Seconded by Jane. Carried
  3. Admin Matters
    • Lesley reviewed the standard admin procedures for PAC meetings including posting of minutes on the website, Roberts Rules of Order, format of motions, parking lot, additions to agenda etc.
  4. Treasurers Report
    • Leeann reviewed our financial status as of January 31, 2012. No issues
    • The following Spending requests were reviewed:
      • Fun Days organized by Grade 7 students. Four Grade 7 classes have jointly asked the PAC for funding to support proposed school wide Fun Days, which would be organized by these classes this spring
      • Motion: Jane moved that the PAC provide funding for $150 per Fun Day for a total of $600. Cindy seconded, Carried.
    • Discussed paying for a FoodSafe course for PAC volunteers. DPAC is considering offering a course for PAC’s in the future. The PAC will look into the option of putting on a joint course with other nearby schools and paying the costs of registration for some of our PAC volunteers to attend.
    • Joanne Shaw has looked into purchasing choir risers for the school choir. The ones she is considering are 3 separate pieces, with a safety rail that will hold from 36-48 kids. Cost will be about $3600 plus tax and shipping. The school will also pay for part of the cost but are asking the PAC for a financial contribution. The risers would be ordered at the end of the school year. General discussion was supportive and the PAC would like to contribute to the risers but will decide how much to contribute in May or June when the school has made a final decision on what they are purchasing, and how much they can contribute.
    • Discussed buying a large storage cabinet and filing cabinet for PAC items and files. These would be placed in the school in a suitable place. Discussed buying it from the Provincial Government warehouse store on 18th Ave. There is already money approved in the budget for this.
  5. Playground Enhancement.
    • Wheelchair accessible options for the playground are now being discussed, and the committee will be following up with information sources about accessible options, and possible funding sources (grants etc.)
    • Steve Fleck has recently talked to the School District and discussed the option of relocating the Austin Road School playground to the basketball court. There is currently “no appetite” to put the structure on city land. The School District suggested another option of removing the old Middle School monkey bars around the back of Heather Park and placing the playground there. Further discussion is planned and the Henderson Playground rep will be in town in the near future to meet with Steve Fleck, Barry Beppel (SD 57) and PAC. The Austin Road playground cannot be modified to be made wheelchair accessible. There is no resistance to moving the playground from Austin Road School. The question is where it will be moved to.
    • The Raffle is currently underway and all proceeds will go toward the new playground. Things are going well, and 4000 tickets have been sold to date. The raffle ends Feb 29.
  6. School Planning Council
    • Pam Saulters volunteered to be a parent rep on the School Planning Council
    • Motion: Brad moved that Pam Saulters be a parent rep on the school Planning Council. Leeann seconded. Carried.
  7. DPAC update
    • Sarah provided a verbal and written update (attached)
  8. Safety Committee
    • No update
  9. Principal’s Report (Joanne Shaw)
    • The Raffle is going well and there is lots of excitement in the school about the tickets and prizes.
      The recent Basketball tournament went well. Heather Park teams did well. Thank you to Jane for coaching the two girls teams.
    • The choir has two remaining performances – one at Carnaval and one at Vanier Hall on March 6.
      Carnaval is planned for Friday February 24 for all students.
    • Kindergarten registration opened in early February. At this time 23 are registered in French and 33 in English.
    • Recently heard that it looks like the 2015 Spring Break will be in February of 2015 to coincide with the Canada Games, and will be 2 weeks long.
  10. Teachers Forum
    • No teachers present at the meeting
  11. Fundraising
    • Raffle is ongoing, as discussed earlier
  12. Upcoming Events
    • Friday Feb 24 – Carnaval
    • Tuesday Feb 28 – Grape Tomatoes
    • Friday March 2 – Upstairs Pizza day
    • Friday March 15 – Downstairs Pizza Day.
    • In the last week of March, the PAC is also planning to take orders for school Tshirts etc. More info on this will be coming out soon.
  13. New Business
    • Discussion on having Healthy Food choices at the concession at school events. There was support for having both Healthy Choices and some “treats” so that kids would have the option.
  14. Adjourn.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20. Next meeting Wednesday, March 14 at 6:45.