Minutes of May General PAC Meeting

Here are the minutes of the general PAC meeting held on May 16. You can download them in pdf format from here.

École Heather Park Elementary Parent Advisory Council Meeting
Wednesday May 16, 2012
École Heather Park Elementary – Computer Room

Attendance: 11 parents

  1. Call to Order: 7:00 pm
  2. Review of minutes: April 18 meeting minute were reviewed.
    • Motion: Karen moved to approve the minutes. Seconded by Cindy. Carried
  3. Administrative Information
    • Lesley reviewed the standard admin procedures for PAC meetings.
  4. Treasurer’s Report & Funding Requests
    • Reviewed our financial status as of April 30, 2012.
  5. Review May 1 Playground Meeting
    • Review of minutes.
    • Motion: Sarah moved to affirm the decision reached at the special PAC meeting to purchase the “Little Shippy” playground, and install it on pea gravel, in the bus loop area, for a cost of up to $25,000.. Cindy seconded. Carried.
    • Steve clarified move of Austin Road playground and the cost for reset the existing monkey bars ($17,000) cannot afford to reset the existing structure.
    • Motion: Cindy moved that the new wheelchair accessible playground be named Kali’s playground. Karen seconded. Carried.
    • A child has been soliciting donations of $50 for the playground project. The matter has been dealt with.
    • Motion: Lesley moved that Cindy be appointed chair of the wheelchair accessible playground working group. Karen seconded. Carried.
  6. DPAC Update
    • Sarah provided report.
    • Motion: Tammy moved that the PAC reimburse any PAC members who attend the Food Safe course put on by DPAC. Pam seconded. Carried.
    • Motion: To submit an authorized proxy vote form for the BCCPAC meeting to the Prince George DPAC, leaving all voting instructions open.
  7. Safety Committee Update
    • Tammy provided verbal report.
    • City has been asked to clear some of the brush from around the crosswalk at Heather Park Road and Heather Road.
    • Multi-purpose room has been cleared up.
    • Hill behind the school is a problem with slippery mud.
    • Kids found nails around the new stairs. Reported to the office. Maintenance has cleaned up. Concerns with contractor have been forwarded.
    • Reminder to stay out of the bus loop especially during recess. Suggestion made to send home a note that parents have to sign regarding parking areas. Kids would be entered into a draw to encourage them.
    • Kids without helmets on bikes and skateboards on the blacktop on top. Staff are monitoring.
  8. Bylaws
    • Motion: Sarah moved to change section 2, point 6 of our bylaws as follows: “A quorum for general meetings will be 8 voting members.” Cindy second. Carried
  9. Principal’s Forum
    • Sports day June 14 will have a different format. Will run two separate groups: k-4 cooperative activities games in front areas. 5-6 will be more of a traditional sports day with competitive activities. Will separate kids into interest groups (competitive, recreational and not really interested groups).
    • Grade 4s will be taking leadership role in younger groups.
    • PAC will provide a Subway lunch. PAC will provide freezies.
    • Water stations will be set up in front and back.
    • Gr 6 and 7 will have the opportunity to attend the Bully movie at famous players. Newsletter sent home with info about the movie. Strong language strong themes of violence and suicide. Discussions will be held before and after the movie. Bus leaves 11:30 on Friday. Movie starts at 12. Parents are invited.
    • Norovirus discussion.
  10. Teacher’s Forum
    • No teachers present.
  11. Fund raising Update
  12. Upcoming Events/Volunteering Opportunities
    • Tuesday May 29 – F&V day, mini cucumbers
    • Thursday June 14 – Sports day
    • Wednesday June 20 – PAC General Elections Please bring a friend!
  13. Parked Items/New Business
  14. Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 Next meeting Wednesday June 20 @ 6:45pm