The PAC newsletter for June 19 is available here.

The school newsletter is available here.

[important]Final PAC Meeting and Elections – June 20[/important]

The final PAC meeting for the year, and election of the executive for next year, will be held tomorrow evening, June 20, at 7:00 in the computer room beside the library. All parents and guardians of children registered at Heather Park, including children registered in the StrongStart program, are voting members of the PAC. Everybody is encouraged to attend and childcare will be available.

This is your way to get involved with your children’s school.

For more information take a look at the PAC information sheet and agenda below.

Important Dates

  • Thursday June 21 – Grade 7 Dance
  • Wednesday June 27 – Last day of instruction and Awards Ceremonies
    • Primary awards at 9:30 am,
    • Intermediate awards at 1:00 pm

Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are needed to help out with the grade 7 dance on Thursday June 21. If you can help out please email Lisa Neukomn at

Sports Day
The sports day on June 14 was a huge success. Thank you to the teachers and staff for organizing the events and to all the parents who helped out with activities.

Library Books
Please remind your children to return any school library books they might have at home before the end of the school year.

Letter from the Chair
On behalf of the École Heather Park PAC Executive, I would like to thank all students, staff and parents for a wonderful year!

It is wonderful to know that, even during what could have been a difficult time, our school community came together to ensure that our top priority is the best possible education for our students. Thank you, have a wonderful summer and see you in September!

Lesley Lindsay

What is PAC?
Parents contribute to the life and energy in schools in many ways including their involvement in the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). Every parent (or guardian) of a child registered in the school in StrongStart, or from kindergarten to grade 7, can belong to and participate in the PAC. Every parent has a vote and a voice in the PAC.

Parents in the school elect a PAC executive to represent them (at our school, we will elect a new executive on June 20th for the next year). Parents have the right, through the PAC executive, to give advice to the staff, school and school board about any matter relating to the school that is not the responsibility of the School Planning Council (SPC).

The PAC executive organizes ways for parents to meet to discuss school issues of interest and concern to parents and give input to the SPC. The principal attends the meetings and offers information that helps parents in their discussions. The executive works closely with the principal.

The PAC executive relies on the help of many parents to plan and run different activities in the school to support students, parents and staff.

When and Where do we Meet?
Meetings are normally held in the computer lab next to the library, starting at 6:45pm and ending at 8:30pm. Childcare is provided. All members of the school community are welcome to attend meetings. Meeting topics include playground, safety updates, school events, and information about the school organization planned for 2012/13.

PAC Executive Job Descriptions

  • The Chair shall preside at meetings, speak on behalf of the Council, and perform other duties as required.
  • The Vice-Chair shall assume the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence, and extra duties as required.
  • The Secretary ensures that members are notified of meetings, and is responsible for the minutes.
  • The Treasurer ensures all funds are properly accounted for, keeps records of the organization’s budget, and prepares financial reports.

The DPAC Representative and SPC Representative attend meetings of the District Parent Advisory Council or School Planning Council, and represent, speak, and vote on behalf of the Council, and report regularly. These positions may be held by other members of the executive, in addition to their other duties.

Directors shall serve in a capacity to be determined by the Council. Other positions may be added, such as an Event Coordinator. As well, other areas may be represented by committees or working groups, such as Safety, Food, or Playground. In this past year, we have had two director positions:

  • The Volunteer Coordinator seeks volunteers and matches volunteers with positions.
  • The Communications Coordinator is responsible the website, newsletters, and emails.

École Heather Park Elementary Parent Advisory Council Meeting Agenda
Wednesday June 20, 2012
École Heather Park Elementary – Computer Room

6:45 – 7:00pm social
7:00 – 8:30pm meeting

  1. Call to Order, welcome & introductions (2mins)
  2. Review of minutes (3mins)
    • review & approval of minutes from May 16th meeting
  3. Administrative Information (3mins)
    • minutes are unapproved until next meeting when they will then be posted as approved
    • agenda and minutes will be posted to the website no later than the Monday preceding the next scheduled PAC mtg
    • parking lot, items or issues that arise but cannot be addressed properly due to time restraints will be “parked” until new business at the end or will be then tabled until the next meeting
    • Roberts Rules of Order to be used
    • meeting to be adjourned at 8:30pm
  4. Treasurer’s Report & Funding Requests (3mins)
    • review of treasurer’s report
    • any funding requests
  5. Playground Update (5mins)
    • Little Shippy approved
    • Cindy White to discuss accessible playground working group
  6. PAC Meeting improvements (5mins)
    • how can we make the meetings better?
  7. Elections of PAC Executive for 2012/2013 school year
    • review executive positions
    • Motion for election
    • Steve & Joanne to be scrutineers
  8. Safety Committee Update (3mins)
  9. DPAC update (5mins)
  10. Principal’s Forum (10mins)
  11. Teacher’s Forum (5mins)
  12. Fund raising Update (3mins)
    • student school supplies packages
  13. Upcoming Events/Volunteering Opportunities (2mins)
    • Thursday June 21 – Grade 7 Dance
    • Wednesday June 27 – Last day of instruction, Primary awards @ 9:30, Intermediate @ 1pm
  14. Parked Items/New Business (5mins)
  15. Adjourn – Next meeting September!