PAC General Meeting and Elections Agenda – June 20, 2013

École Heather Park PAC
Computer Room beside the Library
Thursday June 20, 2013
6:45 to 8:30pm

Childcare will be available

  1. Call to Order
  2. Welcome & Introductions (3mins)
  3. Administrative Matters (3mins)
    • Minutes are unapproved until next meeting when they are reviewed & voted on, then are posted as approved
    • Agenda & minutes will be posted to the website no later than the Monday preceding the next scheduled PAC meeting
    • Parking lot, items or issues that arise during the meeting but cannot be properly addressed will be “parked” until new business or tabled until the next meeting
    • Format of meeting: Discussion, Consensus, Motion & Vote
    • Meeting to be adjourned at 8:30pm
    • Letters/Communication to the PAC
  4. Approval of Minutes (5mins)
  5. New Business (10mins)
    • Call for new business
    • Society update
    • Playground update
  6. Treasurer’s Report (10mins)
    • Funding requests
  7. DPAC Update (5mins)
  8. Principal’s Forum (10mins)
  9. Teacher’s Forum (10mins)
  10. PAC Executive Election
  11. Open Business/Parked Items
  12. Adjourn