Draft Minutes from the HP PAC General Meeting- October 16, 2013

Click here for the pdf of the Minutes. Ecole Heather Park Elementary Parent Advisory Council- October 16, 2013 Minutes  Please review for the November 20, 2013 meeting.  Any questions please email Gina at envirogirl@shaw.ca.

Ecole Heather Park Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC) General Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, October 16, 2013 Computer Room

Attendance:  13 parents, 2 guests:  Mr. Fleck and Mrs Goodwin.

Meeting called to order at 6:45 pm

1.       Welcome and Introductions

2.       Administrative Matters

Admin stuff, including how the meeting will function was described in the poster and handout.

3.        Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the September 18, 2013 meeting were reviewed and approved as submitted

Letters and Communication to the PAC were deferred to the next meeting.  Thank you to Purdy’s for sending a box of chocolates for us to share at the meeting.


4.       New Business

New items for discussion: Purdy’s and Regal fundraiser.  This will be added to the end of the agenda to be discussed if time permits.


5.       Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s report was not available for the meeting.  

The PAC needs to update the bank signing authorities for the 2013/14 school year to reflect the new Executive. 

Address Change for account to: 3150 Wallace Cr, PG, V2K 3R6.  

Motion:  Jane Major, Gina Layte-Liston and Tami Rowe will be new signing authorities on the current PAC account.  Yvonne Parkinson and Leslie Lindsay will be removed.  Motioned by Cindy, Seconded by Mandy.  Carried.


6.        DPAC Update

The District Parent Advisory Council fall conference is scheduled for this weekend.  There is still one free registration available to Heather Park.  If anyone is interested please contact Gina.

 A FoodSafe course is being offered on November 9thFees are subsidized by DPAC, and PAC will cover the $20 registration fee if anyone is interested in registering.


7.       Safety Update

We have a new sign regarding traffic in the busloop. The school has already noticed a benefit to having it there.  The school recently held a fire drill and it went well – there was a notable improvement since the previous fire drill.


8.       Heather Park Spirit Wear

Toques, T-shirts and Hoodies are available for order until October 18.  Paper order forms are available and online ordering can be accessed from the PAC website.  Sweatpants aren’t being sold.


9.        Volunteer Opportunities

Canucks Raffle Coordinator:  We need a volunteer, or a group of volunteers to organize the February 2014 raffle in order for it to go ahead. This is a concentrated commitment over a few weeks in February, with some additional prep earlier.  We will discuss further at the November meeting, and Cindy will put forward for a request for volunteers who may be interested in either leading the raffle, or being part of a team of organizers. 


School Lunch Program Co-ordinator.  We need a volunteer to oversee the organization of the school lunch program.  Discussed whether this should be done by one person, or by a rotating roster of people.  It was recommended that one person oversee the program, and have a number of volunteers working with them.  Sharri Leslie volunteered to be the co-ordinator.  Thank you Sharri!


10.    Requests

The Grade 4 and 5 classes would like to organize two Family Movie Nights as fundraisers for their field trip.  They are checking in with the PAC to ensure there is no potential conflict with PAC movie nights.    Approved.  Kudos to these classes for initiating these fundraisers.


11.    Budget

A revised budget for the 2013/14 year was presented and discussed.

Motion: To approve the budget as presented with one change – an increase in T-shirt expenses to $1400.  This would bring total expenses to $28,210.  Moved by Lesley, Seconded by Sarah.  Carried.


The management of the Inclusive Playground funds, and the Heather Park Middle School Scholarship fund was discussed.  These two amounts need to be managed as separate amounts from the general funds as they were received for specific purposes. To date, this has been done within the existing General Account and Gaming Accounts.  It was proposed that the PAC open a separate account for each of these amounts.


Motion: To open two new bank accounts: one for the Inclusive Playground, and one for the Middle School Scholarship Fund.  Moved by Sarah, Seconded by Giulliana.  Carried.


12.    Hallowe’en Costume Exchange

A suggestion was made for the PAC to organize a process to allow families to bring in and exchange used costume.  This will provide an opportunity to recycle costumes and for kids who need them to have access to costumes.  Mandy P. volunteered to help out.  It was suggested that Tami S. would also be interested in volunteering. Possible drop off days would be Oct 21/22, with one day for pick up later in the week.  $5 donation would also be an option.


13.   Lost and Found

The lost and found is currently being managed by a PAC volunteer.  Students are encouraged to claim their lost items.  The lost and found may be made available to the public and charity a couple of times a year, to ensure items don’t pile up.


14.    School Trustee

School Trustee Brenda Hooker will be coming to the November PAC meeting.


15.    PAC Executive

Events Coordinator.  Giulliana Tamblyn and Teresa Gomez Tagle are the new co-Event Coordinators (acclamation).  Congratulations Giulliana and Teresa!


Communications Coordinator.  This position is responsible for updating the website, newsletter and other communications functions. No technical savvy required! There are currently no candidates seeking election for this position.  It was suggested that this could be done by a volunteer, and doesn’t necessarily have to be an Executive position.  Cindy will send some info out the volunteer list to see if anyone is interested in doing this as a volunteer.


Secretary:  Mandy Newcomb is the new Secretary (acclamation) Congratulations Mandy!


16.    Positive Behavior Support

Steve Fleck gave an update on the school’s program to reinforce positive behaviors.  The tone of the outside behavior in the school has improved since the start of the program and staff are seeing benefits.  The school wide theme is currently “Kindness”. This will be discussed at an upcoming assembly using the “pay it forward” idea, and the bucket analogy.


17.    Principal’s Forum

There were positive comments from parents at the meeting about Playground supervision, and behaviours.  This has also been noted by School District staff.


18.    Teachers’ Forum

Rebeca Dougherty gave an update on behalf of the teachers.  A reminder was sent out to teachers to complete the playground survey and nine more surveys have been received.  Teachers also requested a reminder email on how classroom funds were distributed/accessed.  Discussion over whether there should be different classroom amounts for intermediate and primary classroom as the class sizes are significantly different.  It was decided to keep things as they are, and teachers can request additional funds if needed.

There was also a discussion over whether the school and specific classrooms would be interested in receiving donations of household items, supplies etc.  Some teachers may need items, and the school kitchen is in need of some additional supplies. 

Rebeca will post a request/wish list in the staff room so that teachers can identify any items they need for their classrooms.  Steve will follow up with Dolores Mummery to discuss what is needed for the school kitchen and will post info on the website.

Mathletics:  Grade 3-5 students will start the Mathletics program in the near future.


19.    Purdy’s and Regal Fundraiser.

Rosalie volunteered to organize the Purdy’s and Regal fundraiser.  Mandy P. and Cindy will both help as well.


20.     Policy and Governance

Sarah gave everyone a heads up the School District is working on a new policy around School catchment, sibling priority and transportation.  More info, and an opportunity for input will be on the DPAC website soon.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30.  Next meeting, Wednesday November 20, 2013 in the Computer Room.