Health and Career Education- What your children are learning…

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At the January PAC meeting we were fortunate to have Nannette, our Public Health Nurse Liason, attend and discuss two important topics-  Body Health/Sex Education and Communicable Diseases.

The Health and Career Education K-7 document which defines what our children are learning in school is here  Health and Career.  There is some great information with respect to what each grade is learning with respect to body health, lifestyle, nutrition, ect. There is a table starting on page 14 that lays it out grade by grade.

Another document that Nannette brought to our attention was the The Quick Guide to Common Childhood Diseases Childhood Diseases.  This document outlines a number of common diseases.  For each disease it describes what it is, how it is spread, incubation time, and other important information in an easy to read format.