2016 Grade 6/7 Quebec City Trip Fundraising Multi Family Garage Sale

2016 Grade 6/7 Quebec City Trip fundraising multi family garage sale

Date: June 6th – Weather permitting!

Time: 9:30am-4:30 pm.. Please NO early bird shoppers

Location: Heather Park School Parking lot/property.

Who: any Quebec trippers wanting to sell garage sale items- Your child will benefit from the sales of Your items. Any other heather park families that may want to sell items but just do not have enough for their own garage sale may ‘purchase’ a selling spot for a $10 donation towards students going on this trip.

Participants are able to set up their items the morning of sale and are required to attend to their own items.

Any questions at all please contact Cecile Trottier @ 250-962-8778 or may try Nikole @ 778-415-7207